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3 reasons our clients love us

In today's age there is an incredible amount of companies who offer benefits to their clients. Honestly, with such high digital presence, it's not what the company offers, but what the company stands for. People buy from people, and below are three reasons our clients prefer to work with us for their procurement needs.

Swiss- We're Neutral

Reason 1 - Vendor Neutral We're vendor neutral, which means we don't have any exclusive partnership with suppliers - we have partnerships with everyone. When we shop out pricing for contracts we let over 150 different suppliers bid for the job, keeping prices competitive for our clients. This also give our clients access to multiple contract options by only contacting one company, TPI Efficiency, which significantly reduces the time a client spends in the procurement process.

Client Account Management

Reason 2 - Client Account Management Our Client Account Management (CAM) team is second to none. A personal CAM is assigned to each account in order to monitor contracts and make clients aware of potential scams in the industry. The CAM team meets daily with market experts to understand new market trends or even political rulings in order to update our client base.

Reason 3 - Social Responsibility As a company, our mission is to re-inject $100,000,000 back into the economy and communities we serve, through money and time we save our clients over the next 10 years. TPI Efficiency was founded on the principle of helping non-profits negotiate contracts, and we give back as much as possible through volunteering events and generous donations. (So far we've saved our clients over $35,000,000).

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