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New Face in Town

Josh Jameyson


Being a part of TPI Efficiency's team is no small accomplishment. We work hard and have high expectations for ourselves and coworkers. Josh Jameyson has come to TPI with experience both as a full-time consultant as well as a high performing member of our agent channel. He is a man who knows what he wants, and will guide agents in the path to success. With STAN at Josh's disposal (or vice-versa), the agent channel will become integral to TPI Efficiency's growth.


Let's get personal

You better believe Josh will be getting to know you as an agent. Here are some

personal facts about Josh so you don't have to do any digging.

Wife: Lindsay, high-school sweetheart (awww) Kids: 3 (Teague 6, Tenley 4, Cecelia 2) School: Graduated Baldwin Wallace University in 2005 with Business Major, Minors in Management, Marketing, & Entrepreneurship Background: I've actually been with TPI since April of 2016 as an Agent & Outside Sales Consultant Anything Else: OHSAA Football Official for 9 years


Contact Information: Josh Jameyson

Director of Channel Development

Cell: 440-371-0174


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